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Clip on Plant

2015 Jerusalem, Israel 

Bezalel Graduate Exhibition

Industrial Design Department


Set of 3D printed joints made for air plants.

The printed material is bio-degradable polymer.

3 main models of joints for different types of air plants.

Each one is suggested for a specific environment - window, kitchen and shower - while retaining the ability of adapting to different new locations.


Photography: Yossi Levi, Oded Antman.


2018 Jerusalem, Israel


The Matchmaker Project

Jerusalem design week

A combination of metal elements and 3D printed PLA light fixtures.

Collaboration with jewlerer Illya Feldman.

Curator:  Daniel Nachmias


Showroom Design

2017 Petah Tikva, Israel

Mafil 3D department at Mafil company.


Architecture, custom made metal furniture design,

3D printed custom made elements: Signs, lamp shades, filament holders, hand tool holders. 


The concept was to create a room in which the 3D printer creates its own work environment, and the products which it engenders are naturally woven into it. The resulting modular display room will allow for changes in machine positions, taking their use into consideration. The room is located in the lobby of the company building.

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