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About Sohum

Sohum is the name of sculptural lighting systems whose geometric shapes represent elements from the plant world. The systems combine brass elements , led lighting and 3D printed parts that have various functions and forms.


Sohum was created within the Mifal Hapayis Designer’s Accelerator and was first exhibited at the 11th Fresh Paint art fair. It was made possible by the generous support of Mifal Hapayis and Mafil, the leading 3D solutions provider in Israel. 


About Michal Levitzky

Creator, Artist and Designer. Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,  Jerusalem. Michal has been creating for up then 7 years in the field of 3d printing. Owner and creator of the brand Sohum. 

Words By Michal:  

"Design and creation are an integral part of my daily life. The techniques I work with connecting to the essence of my work - a meeting between poles. Warmth and cold, old and new, organic and geometric. 

My inspiration for creation comes from nature - In its beauty and wisdom of form and function. Fascinating and hypnotizing in its repetitive and variable structures, expressing motion and vitality."


Exhibitions & Awards

2014 Goppingen ,Germany

2014 Stuttgart, Germany

2015 Jerusalem, Israel

2016 Venice, Italy

2018 Jerusalem, Israel

2019 Tel Aviv, Israel

2019 Tokyo, Japan


Selected work by Goppingen Art museum. 30 Stools were produced for the museum.

3rd place award  Nachtmann Next Gen design competition.

Bezalel graduate exhibition, Industrial design department.

Nanocellulose Desert Shelter, the Israeli pavilion of Architecture at Venice Biennale.

Aderet, The Matchmaker Project, Jerusalem design week.

Sohum, Fresh paint art fair.

Aderet, Presented as part of the exhibition "Garden of Eden" by JLM Design Week in DESIGNART festival.


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